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3 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater 1/23/2018

The water heaters are useful and fulfill multiple daily lifestyles related tasks and issues. We need them for resolving our multiple needs related to the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and other areas. These machines also eat up lots of electricity and can raise your energy bills manifold, especially when they are not working fine and are not cared for. They will run for the most number of years optimally only when you take proper care of them. Here are 3 tips that will help you have a water heater with outstanding life.

Replace when necessary

The water heaters nowadays come along with an energy rating and a “5” star rating signifies that the heater consumes the least of electricity of heating water. If the existing water heater has many years of service to its credit and its components are beyond the scope of repair or replacement, you may want to install a new water heater. Such change will be economically beneficial and worthy as well, as the worn out and old heaters need more maintenance and use more energy. The traditional water heaters (that keep on using energy even when no hot water is required) can last up to 20 years if you have taken proper care of the machine. The tankless water heater (which is devoid of the hot-water storage function) can be used for more than 20 years by servicing and maintaining it properly and timely.

Save energy and save the heater

You will be able to use the water heater for longer time periods when you run it optimally. This means that the heater should not be used excessively. It should not be run for short time periods, for heating small water quantities. You can synchronize your lifestyle elements to use the machine optimally. The cooking, laundry and shower (bathing) times can be harmonized so that the heater draws the least of heat, runs for the least of time and the heated water does not get wasted. You can also add a timer to the heater so that it runs for pre-set times and does not heat water which is of no use. The new modern water heaters come with the timer function and shut down automatically when no hot water is needed.

Get professional help

The water heaters should be serviced professionally. The leading heating system maintenance/repair service providers have all the resources, skills, manpower, expertise and certifications to service your heater the best way. The maintenance will resolve both minor and major issues related to the machine, and the minor problems will not exacerbate into major ones. The whole system should be fully serviced and overhauled at least once every year. The “T and P” valve or the overflow valve and the “anode” rod are the two most important components of the heater that should be inspected at least once every year. Issues such as leakages and flooding can affect the machine if these components are not serviced regularly. Further, the anode rod gets corroded with time and hence needs to be replaced every 3 years. The energy consumption of the machine is also bound to increase when these parts malfunction.

These tips will help you have a smarter water heater at your home that consumes the least of electricity. You need to keep a vigil on your machine every day in order to make it run optimally for long time periods. The professional services are a one-stop destination for all heating system maintenance needs and should be engaged at-least once every year for maintaining the optimal conditioning of the machine.