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 Air Conditioner Leaking Water? How to Fix Leaky A/C Units 10/28/2017

You are sleeping and in the middle of the night, you feel water droplets. Do not panic when you notice that the water is leaking from the air conditioner unit. You can primarily fix the issue yourself. Before you get to take care of the leaking air conditioner unit, it is very necessary to understand the possible reasons for the leakage.

Reasons for leakages and their solution:-
  • Clogged condensation drain:

    The foremost reason of water leakage from air-conditioner is the clogged condensation drain. When it is blocked by dust, dirt, sludge or any other wastage, the water does not drain from it. It rather flows back into the air conditioner and this causes the dripping of water from the indoor unit of the air If such a situation arises, clean the condensation drain. The best cleaning method is to use a vacuum cleaner that will suck all the clogging material. When this If this does not solve the issue, the next solution is to call an air conditioner professional.

  • Unclean filters:

    It is very necessary that air filters of the air conditioner are clean. It is also advisable to change the air filters quarterly. Unclean filters often the cause of leaking water in an air conditioner. If the filters are not clean, the air flow to the evaporation coil is blocked. This further makes the evaporation coil very cold and freezes it. This ice that is formed on the evaporation coil melts with time and water starts dripping from the indoor air conditioner unit. In such a situation it is advisable to switch off the air conditioner and clean the filters with a cloth, brush, and water. If the filter needs to be changed, an expert help should be called for.

  • Low refrigeration:

    At times the reason of water leakage is low refrigeration. If you notice that water is dripping from your air conditioner and it is not cooling the area properly, the foremost reason is low refrigeration. Your air condition will also be making strange In such case what is happening is that due to low refrigeration, the pressure in the air condition system becomes low, thereby cooling the evaporation coil to a point that it freezes. The water dripping from the air conditioner is the melted ice water from the coil. The best thing to do in such a situation is to call an air conditioner professional who can repair the unit or if needed replace it.

  • Hole or Crack in drain pan:

    The function if drain pan is to collect any water that is there is the air conditioner. Sometimes there can be a hole or crack in the drain pan. This leads to leakages. One can try using glue if there are minor issues. But it there is a big hole or cracks, the most effective thing to do is replace the drain pan.

Besides this, there can be other reasons like broken condensation pump, rust in the drain pipe, or plugged up drain pipe which can eventually lead to leakages from the air conditioner unit. Having known how to fix leaky air conditioners, we wish that you take the necessary steps and actions for fixing your air conditioner.