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Top 5 Reasons Your AC Will Break This Summer 9/06/2017 There is possibly no reason as why you should go for regular servicing of your air conditioning unit. On the other hand, if you look at getting it serviced, you will find plenty of questions that your colleagues might just pose at you like is there any fault or is it not working properly, etc. These are obvious questions that needs to be addressed but in the interim, one should not feel guilty of having shed money on its maintenance.
  1. Your AC is your asset and spending on its maintenance will only enhance its shelf life and you should not even shy away in saying that the AC is just like any other asset that needs maintenance and so be it. Now let’s first evaluate what could be those potential reasons which will result in your AC breakdown.
  2. Cleanliness, an issue- If you own an AC, then it becomes your duty to clean it from time-to-time as it only works best when its clean. Sometimes, the performance of the AC is affected due to the clogged filters, dirt or grease sticks to the condenser or you fill find leaves and unwanted matter getting inside the AC unit and the exterior body gets exposed to it. These things affect proper functioning of the AC unit and impact its performance.
  3. Drain Line.  Sometimes, the drain lines are blocked. This could be due to some debris or algae that might become a point of hindrance and thus it makes it difficult for the AC system to function properly.You can simply put a cup or two of bleach water or vinegar in the drain line, this will clear the blockage.
  1. Refrigerant Leaks.  You may have noticed a situation when the air-conditioner is running but isn’t cooling at all. This could hint towards a refrigerant leak. There is a possibility that your pipes and valves may develop cracks over a period and letting the gas to leak. In such a case, its advised to call a AC repair professional
  2. Age is a denominator. You tend to witness more problems if your AC is extremely old. The model of AC determines the efficiency, if it is too old then it will be difficult to even find some of its parts and you will only keep adding cost on its repair and maintenance. Hence, if you feel that your air-conditioner has become obsolete then it’s better to buy a new one.