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Portable Air Conditioners 9/04/2017 Portable Air Conditioners Just as Portable AC’s look great, it’s even the most comfortable option that one can look at keeping at home instead of a central air conditioner. There are lot of factors that make portable AC’s truly unique and wanted.
  • Easy to install
  • Low on maintenance
  • Provide instant cooling,
  • Simple to operate.
We suggest if you plan to buy a portable AC look out for the below mentioned things:
  1. Size of the room
  2. Maintenance cost
  3. Noise level
  4. Efficiency wrt power consumption
Some of the questions you should ask before buying a portable AC.
  • Size of the Room
Portable air conditioners are ideal if you place it in a room with 8-ft ceiling. A well-spaced out area will make room for a portable AC easily.  Portable AC models which have higher BTU ratings will have more cooling strength and can easily cover large area.
  • Ideal place?
Like any other cooling machine, portable AC’s also emanates hot air that should be thrown out. Hence, keeping this scenario in mind all portable AC’s should be placed close to the window.
  • Maintenance
Maintenance of a portable AC is also simple, it just needs some extra attention like collection of water, however there are multiple ways to get rid of moisture. You can remove it manually and empty the vessel, you can also use a hose to channelize draining of the water to a different location.
  • Noise levels
Yes, Portable ACs do create some noise. If you look at the dynamics of a portable AC, it is bound to make some noise unlike window AC or centralized AC which are hung on the wall or fitted inside the central grid of your space. If you're concerned about the noise level, be sure to compare the decibel (dB) levels produced by different units.
  • Energy Efficient
Not all portable Ac`s are energy efficient, hence it’s important to note how much energy are they consuming. Anywhere If you feel that it guzzles a lot of energy then its best that you consult your HVAC contractor. In case you need more information on which type of portable AC would work best in your setup, then do contact us. Our HVAC technician will give you clarity as which type of AC would work best for your home and business. He will also be able to share the cost of yearly maintenance portable AC’s demand.