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4 Reasons You Should Service Your Air Conditioner Early 9/01/2017

You must have read in blogs that the ideal time to get your AC repair is few months before the onset of summers. There is practically a reason behind it and its true to some extent also as the more you delay your AC maintenance and repair, the more you will have to pay on its repair.

In case you are still mulling over the idea whether to get servicing of your AC done in advance, we will share with you some tips that will convince you to undertake repair.

1: Detect the fault and go for repairs

In an ideal situation, we would advise you to inspect the AC properly. Look at the drain pipe, check the thermostat, clean filters and monitor the efficacy of running an AC. If anywhere you feel that the AC isn’t working in full swing, then call a technician.

2: Prevention is better than Cure

While cleaning or inspecting the AC, you feel that you AC can breakdown anytime, we would suggest you call an expert HVAC company without much further ado. An HVAC professional will thoroughly check the fault and advice repair accordingly. Hos expertise will help in fixing the problem within seconds. He might undertake the following:

  • Tighten the loose connections.
  • Adjust a fan belt.
  • Clean the interior and exterior body of the AC
  • Clean the coils
  • Wash filters thoroughly

These steps seem to look easy and something that can be done all by self. However, these steps are not as easy as they seem, barring a few all other are technical procedures which need expert guidance or intervention. Proper AC tune-up ensure a longer shelf life of the AC and enhance efficiency of your AC.

3: Reduction in Energy Bills

Frequency of servicing an AC depends upon the number of hours your AC runs in a day. Some people run AC round the clock and hence the requirement of servicing an AC becomes extremely imperative. A well-maintained AC to some extent contains cost and reduce energy bills. As a result, it enhances the longevity of the AC unit and ensure smooth functioning throughout the year.

#4: Take Annual Maintenance Plan

Once you have finally made up your mind to hire an HVAC contractor, then compare the prices of 2-3 shortlisted HVAC service providers. This comparison will help you further narrow down the best company amongst those shortlited ones. You will be able to see as which one is assuring maximum returns as per your budget. Also, we would advise you to go for annual contract and not six montly contract.