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Frozen Air Conditioner? How to Defrost It and Keep the Cool Air In 7/28/2017

Have you ever heard of a situation when your AC gets freezed, if not then try and believe it? Yes, your AC can reach a point where it will get freezed and you will ponder as what to do in such a state. Our article will give you tips to first identify that your AC has frozen and what you should do to prevent it and how can it be fixed.

Is My Air Conditioner Frozen?

Do you see signs of Ice Buildup in your AC

The first and foremost sign that your air conditioner has an ice build-up could be when your thermostat hasn’t reached the desired setting. If your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly or isn’t cooling properly then put your hand above one of the supply registers and sense the air coming out of it. If it is blowing warm air instead of cool air, then switch off the AC and open the access panel to the evaporator. Post this you might witness that the coils on the equipment are covered with ice, or there is ice on the panel itself. Another thing could also be that the system’s refrigerant may have dropped below 32 degrees, resulting in frozen AC

What to do in such a case? 

A lot many times, you can defrost the air conditioner yourself. Ideally you should not turn on the AC if you think your AC is frozen as it can put pressure on the compressor resulting in bigger loss of the AC unit itself. Find the circuit box and switch the button off which controls power to your air conditioner. Kingroot Now just turn off the system and turn the blower on to help soften the evaporator coils.  Don’t remove ice with your hands as it could damage the components. Remove any standing water that may have collected inside the equipment.

Once the water is removed, it’s essential that you dry the coils. Now connect the thermostat control to switch on the blower or fan. You can also use your hair dryer to blow dry the system. Just remember not to put too much pressure of heat on the coils, as it could crack them possibly.

How Do You Fix It?

There could be many reasons for a frozen air conditioner to take place. In the best possible situation, it is advised that you hire a qualified HVAC technician and do not take the plunge of doing it yourself. Sometimes, trying your hand in everything can cause major damage to the AC unit and property. Instead of saving few bucks you will end up spending more.