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5 Reasons Your Window Air Conditioner is Too Noisy 7/26/2017 Are you the one who is fed up with the noise that your window AC makes? If yes, then have you ever thought of figuring out the reason behind that irritating noise. A window air conditioner is an inexpensive way of keeping your interiors cool, Installation of window air conditioner is a much faster, simpler way of installing AC, however the biggest problem with window AC is that it can create a lot of noise as well.

Our article will give you simple tips on how you can prevent this noise.

  1. Unwanted particulate matter

Do you get petrified if your AC unit suddenly starts making loud noise, then don’t panic if you do. The reason can be as lame as you couldn’t even think off. Sometimes, unwanted particulate matter gets inside the exterior body of the AC unit and the unit starts making noise. Firstly, you should cover the outside body of your AC unit so that no unwanted matter can go inside. Also, there is a possibility creatures like lizard or rats make window AC its new home. As soon as it starts making loud noise- First thing you should do is to switch off your air conditioner immediately, remove the plug and open the front grill. Use a flashlight and peep inside the unit. Remove all the particulate matter that might become a hindrance and put back the front grill in its place, and then start the air conditioner.
  1. Fan Blades

If after cleaning the particulate matter it is again making noise, then check fan blades, the fan blades gets twisted if they strike with an object that falls inside the AC unit Try and straighten the blades, this can be done by using a pair of pliers or via hand if they aren’t bend too much. If you are unable to figure out the reason of bending of the fan blades, then seek professional advice.
  1. Window Frame Vibrates

You might have noticed window panes or scales of the window frame vibrating. This happens due to the heavy weight of window AC units which are unsteadily mounted on window frames. Due to this, these units get easily prone to a lot of vibration, in case they are not mounted correctly. In case the window frame is vibrating too much, then you should call the technician who installed your AC. He will look into it properly and fix wherever the problem would be.
  1. Loose Front Grill

It’s important to remove the front grill of a window air conditioner and it should be done on a regular basis so that the filter can also be cleaned. If the grill is not placed back properly post cleaning, then you might suspect this problem to arise. Also, if the locking mechanism is damaged or defective, it can create a lot of noise. Hence, properly set it back to eradicate this noise.