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Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Air Conditioner 6/24/2017

There could be plenty of things one could do to ensure that your AC is fine tuned to be able to work properly during summers. To get the most out of your AC there are few simple tips that can be followed to maximize efficiency and ensure smooth running of the AC system.

Minor hiccups in AC usually occurs due to dirt build-up, accumulation of grease in filters, etc. This often leads to wear and tear of your AC system. However, there is nothing to worry about as these issues can practically be handled with ease.

Now let’s discuss in detail what can be done.

1. Change filters: This is perhaps the most important thing and first step towards maintaining your air conditioner. Dirty filters obstruct the free flow of air and hence its imperative to wash the filters thoroughly atleast once a month and change it once every quarter or maximum once in six months.

2. Clear the drains: During the process of air-conditioning, condensation builds up in the system and drains through tubes. These pipes could develop mold and fungus, if kept in stagnation. This in turn clogs the entire drainage system.

While in the process of cleaning the drains, usually suction method is deployed that is used to suck the clogged pipes. To prevent this problem, its advised that you inspect the drain at least once a month. In case you find any buildup in your drain pipe, try and remove the debris then and there so that the clogging of the outlet can be avoided. Alternatively, you should add 1/4 cup bleach into 3/4 cup of water directly to your drain line’s port.

3. Clean that condenser: There could be many ways due to which your condenser might get clogged. Usually leaves, dirt, debris, birds droppings accumulate on top of the AC and gets inside the body as well. This obstructs circulation and affect cooling. Remember to clean the outdoor unit of your AC grid. Properly trim grass, trees, other plants and gently clean the outside surface with a garden hose.

4. Get new batteries.

Usually you will not find any problem in the thermostat, however still if you witness problems related to thermostat, you should either replace batteries yourself or immediately contact a HVAC contractor.

An HVAC professional will be your one point of contact for all your AC related woes. He will look into the minutest of the problem to the most serious of troubles.