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Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air: 3 Common Causes 6/19/2017

What do you do when your AC starts blowing warm air. So, does it mean that your AC has become obsolete and it’s time to buy a new one. In such a scenario, don’t rush, instead of planning to buy a new AC, you should immediately call an HVAC expert, before you start ‘SWEATING’.

Now let’s understand the scenario.

First and foremost, handle the situation with ease, Don't panic and maintain composure- If your AC starts blowing hot air, don’t think that your AC is redundant. However, you should inspect your AC closely and look at different reasons why your AC is blowing warm air. In case you are unable to figure out the reason of the fault, its better you call an HVAC expert instead of applying trial and error method. But before calling the expert, check out 3 common things that can lead to error in your AC system.

Thermostat functioning:

Check the setting of your thermostat and make sure it’s not on the heat mode. Usually this happens accidentally. And, if you find it ON, it means that the fan is always blowing air through vents, even when the system is not working. Therefore, it’s must to ensure that your thermostat is set on cool mode.

Maintain Outside Unit

Usually outside unit of the AC gets blocked due to dust, dirt and waste material that gets settled on top of the AC body and then gets into it.

Its’ as important to clean your outside unit as it is to clean your indoor unit. Clean it with a dry cloth first and then with little moist cloth. Do cover the AC unit with a cloth or sheet to avoid and unwanted matter get inside it.

Circuit breaker

Inspect the grid carefully in case it gets tripped. Switch it on and despite this if it continues to trip then call a professional and let him monitor it. If required he will open the grid and look into it in detail.

The above three mentioned occurrences could probably lead to AC breakdown in majority of the cases. Sometime DIY can easily rectify small errors and sometimes you will have to call a technician for the smallest of things.