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5 AC myths that you shouldn’t believe 6/16/2017

Usually there are many myths associated with mostly all the electronic gadgets or machines that you own. Moreover, if we talk about AC, there are many commonly known myths that you need to be disassociated when it comes to running an AC.

Here we list down 5 most common AC repair myths that could cost you a great deal of money, energy and time and thus you should not believe it.

1. Yearly maintenance isn’t important and a waste of money

A majority of people think that regular AC maintenance is just a waste of time and it’s not that important, however let me share with you instances when things go awry for people who think this way and suddenly when their AC system collapse, they don’t know who to call immediately. They go here and there in quest of finding the right service provider. Another thing is that when you are in dire need of a HVAC technician, you might end up sealing the deal with the one who might charge you extra.

2: Set your thermostat at the right temperature

It’s extremely important to set your thermostat at the right temperature and in no way, it’s a myth. People who consider it a myth will surely end up landing themselves in trouble. Not setting the AC on the right temperature might lead to frequent breakdowns leading recurrent AC repairs. Hence, it’s advisable to set your thermostat right so that optimum cooling can be maintained within the premises of your house/ office.

3: There’s no need to know your HVAC company

Many people think that since they have hired and allocated their job of all HVAC repair and maintenance hence there is no need to know about the HVAC company’s performance. Mostly, you will find majority of the HVAC companies making tall claims of their services, performances and certifications. Having said this, it’s better to do a background check of the company you are planning to hire as it should not become a matter of remorse later on.

4: Change air filters regularly

Are you the one who thinks that air filters don’t need to be changed frequently and its ok to let it be in the condition in which it is and later if something happens, then the AC mechanic can look into it. If this is what you think, then let me tell you, there are increasingly greater chances of your AC to breakdown. Air filters usually catch dirt, grease, etc easily and hence obstructs the free flow of air. This becomes a hindrance in the efficiency of your AC and hence result in more consumption of the electricity.