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Cleaning Ac Coils Critical to Keeping Cooling Costs Down 3/27/2017

Just like we manage and take care of our household, there are far more things beyond that which needs care and maintenance. Now let’s pick air-conditioner amongst other things that needs regular maintenance. Just as we clean filters from time-to-time, AC coils also need extra care.

A large chunk of population (around 70-80% ) in US uses Air-conditioners be it industrial or residential. This data highlights that if it is used in the right manner, you can save a great deal of electricity and the money spent on servicing. Hence, its ideal to install energy efficient air conditioning units and keeping a check from on AC coils from time-to-time help in improving efficiency and reduce wastage.

Why Clean AC Coils

It becomes difficult if you need to clean evaporator coil or condenser coils. The functionality of an evaporator coil gets affected if it is exposed to too much of grease and dirt. One needs to keep a track of cleaning it from time-to-time.  This will result in the consumption of more energy thereby making the unit work harder and raising electricity bills. Dirty coils even lead to corrosion due to excess moisture inside the unit and can even affect the longevity of the unit.

To ensure that you get best of results, its better you hire a AC servicing Windows 10 Tech Support and maintenance company. A trained technician can give 100 times better result that you do it alone. The finesse at work, expert guidance and knowledge is all that is required to keep your AC running in the best of condition.

As per estimates, Americans spend anywhere between $3,612 and $7,134 on their annual maintenance of AC. Hence, delaying servicing of your air conditioner enhances the risk of its existence.

Now let’s go through, how else can you keep your AC in good condition.
  • Clean ducts and filters- Its important that from time to time you clean the ducts and filter of your AC’s. This helps in removing any kind of blockage that peeps inside the AC vents. Clogged filters restrict the airflow and can be disastrous for your HVAC unit.
  • Change air filters from time -to-time if required. It becomes even more imperative if you have pets at home.
  • Try and protect the roof of your AC from direct sunlight, debris and dust. You can even cover it up with a shade. This will prevent leaves, bird’s dropping, twigs or debris piling on it.
  • Annual maintenance by expert is discretionary, however like I said, its good to take AMC as it boosts the performance pf your HVAC unit, enhances shelf-life of the product and it save you from spending too much money in one go.