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Air Conditioner Maintenance: 5 Tips For Annual Check-Ups 3/23/2017

An air conditioner is not just an ordinary equipment that is used to keep you cool or warm in summers and winters respectively. It also adds splendour to your home décor, saves electricity if used in right manner. None of us would have ever faced any problem while operating AC, till the time it runs smoothly, the actual problem arises when the AC is not maintained properly as that’s when the AC stops working also.

Our article will help you find five basic tips that will ensure better functioning and lesser breakdown of the AC unit.

  1. Change the filter

Filters are easily susceptible to dirt and debris. It contracts small particulate matter that flows with the air inside the house causing blockage, this further prevents the free flow of air and thereby puts more pressure on the AC unit leading to more energy consumption. This is like a vicious circle. Hence, it’s extremely important that you change the filters frequently.

  1. Clean the vents

Cleaning of the vents is also equally important as changing of the filter is. Before changing the filter, try and read all the instructions carefully about the specific type of air-conditioner that you have installed. It’s better that you hire a professional in case you have any scepticism while performing this task as it will do bad instead of doing good.

  1. Check to see if you’re condensing unit is blocked

If the condensing units get blocked or covered, then it will simply stop working. So, now you know where to go if your AC isn’t working properly.

  1. Check your freon levels

It’s advisable that you check the freon levels in your AC unit. Read the instructions and claims mentioned in the AC guide.  Sometimes you might witness pilferage from the AC unit.

Though these are basic steps that one can think off doing it themselves but these things need time and expertise of the person who does it. It will be unfair if a layman or a naïve professional perform the task as it can lead to serious trouble for the owner. Therefore, we suggest its better you hire a professional AC servicing and maintenance company whose proficient staff will help you with their experience, technical know-how.