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4 Heating Repair Service Tips To Help You Prepare For Winter 1/20/2017 As winter, has almost stepped at your doorstep, are you the one who is still struggling to get your heating furnace repair. If yes, then don’t feel guilty about not having it repaired on time, just simply follow some of our instructions that will help you prepare for winters.
  1. Call an HVAC professional ‘Today’
Though many of you, by now would have started AC repair yourself. However, it’s not at all advised as your safety for family and friends come first. A slight fault in mending of wires can lead to a big explosion in the house. Do you know that a faulty connection in your system’s major electrical components can also reduce the lifespan of your heating unit. We usually feel that if the heating system isn’t functioning then it must be in the right condition and no fault can erupt. On the contrary, your heating system suffers greatly when it’s not in use. Your heating appliance becomes a victim of dust and dirt throughout the spring, summer and fall months. It’s best to change the furnace’s air filter during autumn. A dirty air filter reduces the  flow of air guzzle excess energy and as a result your system has to work harder to keep it running. An HVAC engineer is hands on with the entire process of heater repair and can do the job more effectively in less time. He will additionally inspect your furnace chambers for any defect including holes, rust and separated seams.
  1. Proper Insulation is Must
It’s extremely significant to note that the exhaust properly and safely leave your home. This exhaust if not routed out properly can lead to several health issues and even asphyxiation. A skilled technician can only identify if there is any gas spillage. In addition to posing a serious safety risk, if left unattended, leaks and gaps in your system may increase operating costs by more than 20%.
  1. Save Cost with A Calibrated Thermostat 
Do you know that the thermostat take a while before it begins working? Improper functioning of the thermostat affects the way your heating system works. Usually dirt is one of the prime reason as it affects the thermostat’s calibration and interferes with its operation. Additional problems could be switches on the base and loose wires that become corroded. So, a HVAC technician ensure that your heating furnace is working properly and tightens all the nuts and bolts of your heating equipment to ensure that your home is kept warm properly. Also, you should know that a programmable thermostat saves you around 10% or more on your heating bill, every month.
  1. Make sure you have a Robust Service Plan 
Today, as we all juggle between our jobs and home, we are left with very little time to even look at basic maintenance of our home. In such a scenario, self-maintenance of a heating equipment is almost a dream. Hence, if you want to see your heating system operating at an optimum level, it’s imperative to take annual maintenance of your HVAC system. This will ensure least number of breakdown and a proficient HVAC technician will even give you handy tips to ensure best mileage of your heating furnace.

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Early Warning Signs to Call for a Heating repair

Talk about winters and talk about the increasing need of the heating systems the sole purpose of which is to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold winters. The heating system of a home plays a vital role in keeping you warm and cozy and therefore you must maintain it beforehand, even before the arrival of the winter season. Scheduling a regular heating maintenance with a qualified team of experts is very important for the overall service of your heating system. This team looks after all kinds of heating repair that your system needs and repair it in no time. At the same time, you must look after various early warning signs that hint you towards the fact that your heating system needs an immediate heating repair. Pay attention to all these early warning signs to call for an immediate heating repair.
  1. Short-cycling:
This is considered to be a very common problem in a number of heating systems and heaters such as heat pumps and furnaces. Short cycling means that the heater is turning itself off very early, even before it finishes one cycle of full heating. This could be a symptom and not a description of an actual malfunction and therefore you must take it as if it is an early sign to call off a heating repair service and to look into your heating system. There are many other malfunctions which cause short-cycling and all of them need to be addressed equally.
  1. Cold spots in the rooms:
A well-maintained heating system tends to distribute an equal amount of heat in all the areas of your house. Thus, the next time you have your heating system running, you must tour all the rooms of your house in order to check if the warmth is being evenly distributed in all your rooms. If there exist cold spots in your room, call it an early warning sign of a heating repair. Cold spots often mean a number of issues such as broken heating elements, failed baseboard heater, trouble in the air handler, leaks in the vents and many others. Thus, depending upon the type of the heating system you are using, it is always wise to get in touch with a repair service to address the issue.
  1. High bill during the first month of the use:
Upon receiving all your last utility bills, the first ones when your heating system was running, these bills seem to be much higher than the average ones. This fact is very much noticeable when you make the use of a boiler or gas-powered furnace. Large power drains always indicate malfunctioning of a sound heating system and this surely calls for a heating repair.
  1. Odd noises from the heating system:
If your heating system starts making awkward noises or if it runs at a sound louder than the usual one, this might be an early warning sign to call for a heating repair. Odd noises in the heating system are usually because of the broken machinery inside the heating system. Take these warning signs seriously and call for help.

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4 Benefits of Heating System Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car needs servicing after running every 10,000 miles, your furnace too needs regular upkeep. Therefore, preventive heating maintenance at regular intervals will ensure that the equipment runs at its full efficiency. Also, a well-maintained heating equipment will not just give you the peace of mind but help you save approximately $100 per year in energy and extend its lifespan. Hence enclosed below are some other benefits of the preventive maintenance program offered by the HVAC specialists.

  1. Fewer Repairs, If Any

When the HVAC personnel visits, he will lubricate all the important parts, check all the electrical connections and give it a run. This will enable him to detect any problem. After identifying the potential problem, he will do the needful which will prevent the breakdown in the near future. Once he has done what is required, you will enjoy seamless performance of your equipment when the season is at its peak.

  1. Utility Costs Gets Lowered

If you call the HVAC contractors for the annual preventive maintenance, you can have a thorough cleaning and inspection of the system. This will enable the furnace to run at maximum efficiency and minimize the utility costs.

  1. Family Safety

If a leakage is found in the gas heating system, the HVAC contractor can save your family from inhaling the toxic carbon monoxide gas. Also, during the preventive maintenance process, the trained HVAC contractor will check all electrical connections that will prevent electrical fires.

  1. Longer Lifespan of the Heating Equipment

The better you take care of your system, the longer it will live. Therefore, you have an option of minimizing the net cost of your heating unit and increasing the shelf life, with the annual preventive maintenance program.

The importance of regular upkeep is realized at a time when it directly impacts your family and loved ones. The ideal time to schedule a visit of an experienced and trained HVAC professional is before the onset of winters. However, it’s a wise decision to do it at a later date in case you have missed out at an opportune time. The decision taken will sooner or later have an influence on the health of your family members.