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Benefits of preventive maintenance for your home heating and cooling systems 12/23/2016

We all know that nothing in life is perpetual be it living or non-living objects. As we grow, our struggles in life increases and as we effort more to keep ourselves fit and healthy, the need for additional expenditure increases be it on diet, health plan, etc. Despite all of this, we have our lifespan and we leave this planet one day, some leave early and some in their due course of time. Likewise, most of our objects work as per their life-cycle with due maintenance and some gets derelict before time and stop functioning.

With this, I would like to emphasis on the importance of maintenance in our daily lives. I’m sure most of us believe that prevention is better than cure. Having said this, sometimes we tend to become overprotected towards our belongings and our loved ones.

As we pay attention and care towards our children and pets, similarly our non-living objects be it our home cooling and heating system, they also command our care and time. We often don’t realize the importance of this machinery but just imagine if you have to live for a day, without your AC or heating appliance-How would that be? You will feel restless and the entire day will be gone in pitying yourself or cursing the so-called heating or cooling equipment. Hence its advised that you start maintenance of your AC or heating equipment at the right time. Now let me assure you that you would want to enroll your AC and heating systems for annual maintenance, after reading these benefits.

Extended shelf life

Maintenance naturally improves vigor and productivity of any kind of machinery. It’s an extremely important step towards extending the shelf life of your product, i.e. heating and cooling systems. A well-guarded and maintained heating furnace or an air conditioner can continue work till 20 years and same machine can run-down before time, if its kept poorly.

Enhances safety

A properly inspected work done under the supervision of professionals enhances safety of the product. However, you will find stark difference in the quality of work, if the same work is undertaken by a layman. An experienced professional will be proficient in taking forward the following tasks which includes checking the furnace, air conditioner, thermostat, carbon monoxide detector, hot water heater, dryer vent termination and more.

Improves indoor air quality

Once your equipment is cleaned and checked by the professional, you will realize change in atmosphere, the air will be more clean and fresh and the machinery will work smoother. Your professional will tell you how you can even DIY and how your machinery will work explicitly.

Lower energy costs

A thoroughly cleaned machinery will not guzzle excessive energy and will consume optimum or less energy vis-à-vis other machinery that is old and not maintained properly.

Reduced risk of furnace shutdown

Sometimes we don’t use furnace for months at a stretch and when we decide to use it during peak summer or winter months, the machinery get jammed because of the dirt and grease that gets accumulated. This increases the risk of machinery breakdown. An experienced and well-staffed HVAC company will ensure that your system is tuned in to operate in any kind of weather condition and you don’t have to bear the brunt of extreme heat or winters.

Minimizes risk of air conditioning shutdown

Sometimes, an air conditioner bursts due to plugged coil. It’s important that we clean filters regularly, check thermostat and other parts of the heating and AC unit so that it functions effortlessly even in peak months.