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Do you really Trust your AC repair company 10/18/2016

We often feel that our AC repair technician is doing a great job and somehow we never feel the need to even check, if he is doing what he is supposed to do or fooling us with his good conversational skills.

There have been instances that highlight how individuals and family members have been hoodwinked by these AC repair companies, especially in the case of long term associations with the same company.

Though, we often advise our clients to take annual maintenance contract that helps them in sharing their burden of AC repair and maintenance that needs to be done from time-to-time. However, in that process there could be a possibility that your AC repair company/ technician might mislead you on various occasions. Hence, we suggest you follow these 5 steps that will guide you better before hiring a trusted professional.

  • Do a background check of the Company-
This is the most important and first step before you finalise the AMC with any company. Call your friends, peers, neighbours and figure out if they have heard about this company and how their experience have been.

During this process they might tell you to try another AC repair company which they have been dealing with.

You can also read testimonials on their website and figure out how methodical it will be for your residential and business needs.

  • Meet the technician-

Before you set to hire a technician for an annual contract, meet him and try to gauge his knowledge about AC repair and maintenance. Some technicians have limited knowledge and might do a shoddy job of your AC maintenance.

A well-experienced and trained personnel will explain you in clear detail as how he will prove to be resourceful and add value to all your AC related problems and needs.

  • Check Licensing-

In many places it is compulsory for HVAC technicians to possess a license. For ex- The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation warrants a license for HVAC electricians and technicians. One should definitely ask the company to produce license before you can actually begin work.

  • Compare prices-

While doing this research, you should at least take cost estimates from 3 different AC maintenance companies. Ask them to furnish, in detail clear description of their services, that they will be providing in that cost.

  • Don’t rely on verbal promises-

Sometimes, we believe in what the contractor is saying and don’t tend to document it. Later these things create commotion between you and your AC repair company. If you have everything in writing, your AC repair company will be bound to provide you with all services, that they would have mentioned in the contract.

Additionally here are few simple tips for your air conditioner maintenance:

- Check air filters- Do a routine check of your AC filters. Clogged filters can obstruct the free flow of air and consumes extra energy by 5-15%.

- Block windows. In case of window AC’s, see if there are no leaks from the windows as this also affect cooling check the seals to make sure cool air is not escaping.

- Check thermostat-Its important that you see if the thermostat is in cool and auto mode, this will also affect the cooling, if the thermostat’s setting has been changed.

-See the circuit breaker- Sometime the circuit breaker trips. Flip it upside down and see if its on, in case its giving you trouble, then call your AC professional or electrician for repair.

-Check AC evaporator coil once a year- Evaporator coil needs to be checked and cleaned once a year. If the fins are bended use a “fin comb” and straighten them.

If these simple tips are followed, you might not even require a AC expert.