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Frequent Air Conditioning Issues and Their Remedies 8/27/2016

The city of Dallas experiences hot and humid climate reaching temperatures about 102 degrees Fahrenheit with heat-humidity indexes soaring as high as 117 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine a situation, when your air conditioner stops working. So, here, we bring you some of the common air conditioning troubles that you can help troubleshoot yourself.

  1. The unit is on but it is not cooling – There are times when you must have experienced that the on ac unit is not eliminating humidity from the room, check the refrigerant. Low refrigerant would mean that the unit is not working at full capacity. To check the same, inspect the two copper pipes inside the system. If the larger one is cold to touch, you are good to go and if it’s not, call the expert of AC repair in Dallas for inspection.
  2. The condenser fan is not spinning – Several reasons can be attributed when you see that your condenser fan isn’t rotating. One could be simply that it has burned out and you need to get it replaced. More humidity causes more condensation so check if the water is draining properly or not or if the drain pipe is hindered. If you are unable to locate it, call the HVAC expert for examining the unit.
  3. The unit isn’t providing ample cooling – It may sound obvious, but sometimes we just forget to lower down the thermostat temperature especially when the temperature is not that humid. If lowering the temperature doesn’t work, check the air filters and remove the dust, dirt and grime from it. A dirty air filter doesn’t work at full efficiency. Another problem could be of the sizing. It may be so that the unit is oversized.
  4. The air conditioning unit shuts on and off repeatedly – If the unit is turning on or off repeatedly, try checking the evaporator or condenser. Check if it is dirty or clogged and in need of cleaning. Once you’ve cleaned everything and obstructions removed out of its way, it is time to run back your AC. If you still feel that the unit is constantly shutting down, humidity might be another factor. If the Dallas is reeling under hot temperatures, your unit would have to work vigorously to keep the room cool at all times.

Irrespective of the issue, it is best to call the expert if you are unable to identify any of the problems discussed above. However, if you were successful in identifying the problem, do share your success story in the comments section below.