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Common Myths About Your Air Conditioner 7/20/2016

You must have heard many myths about operating the air-conditioner These myths are usually developed from the opinions that one forms after hearing stories of their experiences of operating an air-conditioner. Hence, it’s important that one should know the difference between realty and myth.

First and foremost- A very common myth that you might have heard is that you will be prone to catching a cold due to using an air conditioner. However, do you even know what causes cold? It is the allergens in the air that causes a cold and not AC. There is a possibility that you may become susceptible to these allergens if the home is not kept clean and there is too much dust around in your house. These dust particulates get circulated in air and can cause infection. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep your home clean and wash your hands properly to keep these allergens away.

Second myth is you can service your air-conditioner at home and do not need to spend on AC maintenance as technicians also don’t apply rocket science in it. On the contrary and to put this argument to rest, I would like to apprise you with a fact that what a technician will do, you will not be able to do justice to even half of it. An expert professional will know how to best clean it; he will advise you immediately in case of any fault or if your AC demands repair. The money spent on Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is worth investing as any major part, if needs repair will be done for free and you don’t have to shell out extra pennies at the last minute.

Third: Another myth is that you can save money by turning the AC off when not in use or setting the thermostat extra high and then turning the thermostat down when you come home.

This scenario is actually not true, you need to understand that when you come home on an extremely humid day your air conditioner will work at a much more faster speed, that will put load on the AC unit to cool the environment. Even turning the thermostat at a lower speed will not help as most AC units run at a desirable speed and lowering it further will eventually force the machine to run longer.

Fourth: A running ceiling fan affects the efficacy of the air conditioner.

This is such a common myth, a running fan always helps in circulating the air and infact will help in cooling your room faster, while the AC is on.

In a nutshell, all wise-men use air-conditioner frugally to save energy and electricity bills. Excess use of any machinery often result in frequent and early breakdown. You need to create a balance and fine tune things before you turn on the AC. For ex- maintenance of the AC is pertinent, setting the thermostat at a desired temperature, blocking the room from sunlight and ensuring no leakage is very vital.