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Tips to Lower Your Summer Air Conditioning Bill 5/19/2016

For proper upkeep of your Air conditioning unit, its imperative that you follow these simple air-conditioning maintenance tips which will allow less consumption of energy bills.

  • Switch off lights for efficient air conditioning

Do you know that light radiates heat inside your rooms? Apart from saving electricity, have you ever wondered why our parents advise us to switch off lights, when not in use.   Apart from switching off the lights, you can also block excess sunlight entering the house by using window shades and dark contoured glasses and curtains that can block or reduce heat. This surely reduces the load on the air conditioning unit and saves energy.

  • Seal if there is any leak

Ensure that there are no leaks inside the room and your room is properly closed or shut when the AC is running. In case you find any hole from where the cool air might leak, try and seal your windows and doors with caulk or weather-stripping sort of things.

  • Turn on Ceiling fan to enhance the impact of cooling

Many people turn off the fan after switching the AC on, however your ceiling fan should run continuously to enhance the effect of cooling inside the room. You can save good amount of money by continuously keeping the Fan running.

Adjust your air-conditioner thermostat to maximum 8 degrees in addition to the proper use and placement of the ceiling fan.

  • Minimize usage of electrical appliances when AC is running

Electrical appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, washing machines guzzle a lot of energy and when these appliances are in use, it emits heat and put load on the electricity grid. Hence as a piece of advice, don’t turn on the AC especially when these appliances are in use.

  • Annual Maintenance of Your AC system is imperative

Taking Annual maintenance contract for the regular upkeep of your AC system becomes highly important. A well designated HVAC person can do a much better job than what we can do. In both residential and commercial setting, AC’s run throughout the year and thus needs maintenance from time-to-time to ensure no major fault occurs.

Your AC maintenance costs somewhere between $50-$150, but lack of consistent maintenance can cost you several dollars in the long run. Hence to keep your AC in the best of condition, regular servicing of the AC should be mandatory.