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Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioner 5/15/2016

Air-Conditioner maintenance is an essential part of your machine maintenance, just like you get your refrigerator, oven and other electronic items maintained regularly, you need to maintain your AC from time-to-time in order to avoid breakdowns. Regular maintenance will help in better performance, improves the shelf life of your AC, create a conducive environment at home and saves energy. Here are 5 tips that will help you in maintenance of AC in Allen.

  • Prevention is better than Cure

It’s better that you take preventive measures to maintain your AC. Prevention as people say is always better than cure. Hence take proactive measures to avoid any circumstantial problem. It’s best you take Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) from a specialised HVAC company which will cover your expenses of AC repair and maintenance. An HVAC professional will perform several tasks that will help improve performance, efficiency and extend servicing of the unit. They also perform various cleaning and testing tasks that are usually difficult for a layman to perform.

  • Change filter regularly

In order to ensure effective and consistent airflow, ensure that the filters are cleaned properly and if require change these filters from time-to-time. This will help in removal of dust particles that gets attracted to these filters.

  • Keep outdoor units clean

It’s important that the outdoor unit of your AC is properly covered and is protected from debris, bird droppings and leaves that fall on it.   In case you feel that there is too much dirt or debris have collected, then clean it with a garden hose.

  • Clear the condensate drain

Carefully look at the drain lines to see if there has been any clogging inside and clean the drip pans.  Clean your condensate drip pans and inspect drain lines for clogs regularly. There are chances that mold, fungus and mildew grows in the drip pan, which leads to the clogged drain pipeline. You should either call an expert who can properly clean the drip pan as it’s a little cumbersome process.

  • Seal if there are any leaks

If you are operating an air-conditioner, you must ensure that there is no leakage. An AC should be operated in a closed and sealed environment to maximise efficiency and impact of cooling. In case of leakage around the home, your duct system will be burdened to over perform and put pressure on the grid resulting in increased energy bills.