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5 Tips for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance 3/31/2016

Maintenance is an integral part of any appliance, be it washing machine, refrigerator, music system or air-conditioners. Air-conditioners however need more regular maintenance, at least twice a year so that it can perform efficiently in both summer as well as winter months. AC maintenance isn’t difficult and its extremely simple if you follow certain rules.

  1. Clean filters regularly. Cleaning filters from time-to-time is extremely important and changing them too from time-to-time is also significant. In case you have central air-conditioning systems, then you should change your filters at least thrice a year.
  2. Clean the vents. If you see carefully, ducts and winds of your AC attract a lot of dust and other particulates, if not cleaned properly from time-to-time. In order to maintain basic hygiene and ensure that your vents are not blocked, you should either clean it yourself or call an expert who can do the required job much better than you can do it individually.
  3. Ensure that your condensing unit is not blocked. It’s important that you cover your air conditioning unit that draws air into the system. Birds droppings, leaves and dust particles settle on the top of the system and block the condensing unit of the AC.
  4. Check your freon levels. Usually, you don’t need to change or fill Freon in your air-conditioning system. Still you should enroll an HVAC technician who can check for leaks or if your system needs any further maintenance or change of any equipment in the AC grid is required.
  5. Hire a specialised air-conditioning maintenance company

An expert AC maintenance company should be enrolled to provide the best of advice for the regular upkeep of AC. A professional HVAC technician will guide you step-by-step as what is a pre-requisite in maintenance of AC, when to do what and how to follow the simplest of instructions. When to raise alarm and call an expert for check-up.

In a nutshell, families or individuals who enroll for annual AC maintenance programs are much more satisfied and relieved with day-to-day common problems that occurs in AC. However, it’s important to select a right AC servicing firm that will give you maximum returns at an affordable cost.

Bonus content

5 Pro Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair

Air-Conditioner maintenance and repair seems to be amongst the most challenging jobs for many people. Apparently, all these tasks can be well undertaken by an air-conditioning maintenance and repair expert. However, just think of a situation if you will have to perform these tasks due to unavailability of the technician, then there are few things you need to know while performing the job of a technician.

  1. Filter management

It’s extremely important to take care of filters especially during summers, thoroughly cleaning and washing of filters is the first step in the direction of managing filters. In case you find it overtly dirty, then you may replace it every month.  Do you know that AC’s are rated according to their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value that ranges from 1 to 12 for home air conditioning units. Hence if you are planning to change the filter, choose a filter with a higher number as it will provide better filtration and uses less energy.

  1. Check Leaks

A very effective way to check leaks is to hold an incense stick near the window and AC unit, if you witness smoke around then there is a leak. Properly cover the leak / hole with tape and foam so that it is properly sealed.

  1.  Protect your AC grid from direct sunlight

If your AC unit is directly exposed to sunlight, it will heat the unit badly resulting in excess consumption of energy. Try and cover your room with blinds, curtains and shades to protect your room from getting it heated directly. Additionally, try and place the AC unit which is not directly exposed to sunlight and where it is hidden from tress, wall or bushes.

  1. Program Your Thermostat

It’s ideal to set your AC at a certain temperature and for specific hours. Turning the AC on for the entire day is not good for the AC. A programmable thermostat will help in setting it in the right mode, as your AC will be switched on when you are at home and will be turned off while you are away. This will also help in reducing your electricity bills and thereby increasing the performance, efficiency of the AC and increase the shelf life of the product.