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Air conditioning tips from experts in Coppell 2/26/2016

Few simple tips if applied with cognizance, keeping in mind the environmental landscape can help in reducing a major part of your electricity bills. A well-planned move before installing air conditioner coppell can help save tremendous energy and money.

  • Set your thermostat at the right temperature: It’s always advised that your thermostat should be set anywhere between 72°F and 78°F. Anything below 78°F will surge your energy consumption by approximately 8% thereby increasing your electricity bills. If you calculate this on a yearly basis, it will be quite a lot.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the indoor and outdoor AC/Heating coils – As you must be aware that the indoor coil in your air conditioner acts as a magnet and attract dust very quickly due to constant moisture. The outdoor coil must also be periodically checked if there has been a pile-up of dust and needs cleaning.
  • Check the refrigerant charge. As you must be aware that the fluid in your air conditioner keeps on circulating, it is a special refrigerant gas that is added into the system before it is installed. If you charge the system with excess refrigerant or put less refrigerant, then also it affects the performance of the AC unit. In such a scenario, its best to call an expert to check the quantity of the fluid and adjust it appropriately.
  • Also, one must keep in mind that an air conditioner filter is backbone of any air-conditioning system. A dirty filter will affect the efficiency of your air-conditioner, obstruct the free flow of air and consume excess energy. Hence it is always advised to change filters from time-to-time as a worn-out filter will increase of expenditure of AC repair and
  • Regular Maintenance: Apart from changing filters from time-to-time, its advised to appoint a trained professional from Coppell for regular maintenance of your AC. This will allow you to check for problems then and there and get it rectified.
  • Check for Leaks-It is very important to check if there are any leaks within the cooling area, if there are any then it will affect cooling, put more pressure on the AC unit repairs and affect your AC grid. In turn you will have to spend extra bugs for its maintenance.
  • Use window shades and drapes to maximize cooling benefits.

All these tips if applied properly will surely help in managing your AC effectively and allow it to run smoothly for many year at a stretch.