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Troubleshooting Tips Before Calling a Heating Repair Service 2/15/2016

Imagine a situation where winter season is at its peak and suddenly the furnace stops working leaving your house extremely cold. Of course, this will unsettle you and you try to immediately get in touch with a heating repair service provider. But, before calling them, you too can look into the matter and we will tell you how. Below find some troubleshooting tips which you can try on your own.

  1. Check the heat registers: Inspect each room in the house and steer clear of any object coming in the way of heat registers.
  2. Check the thermostat: It might be unbelievable to some, but many people call the heating repair service provider thinking that the furnace is turned on and still not functioning. So, before calling one, check that the thermostat is set to HEAT. Also, clear the thermostat and remove the dust buildup as this can block the signal to furnace.
  3. Set temperature a few degrees higher: Sometimes, a furnace is unable to read the room temperature correctly and if you set the furnace temperature higher, it will check that the furnace is turned on.
  4. Check the socket switch utility: The socket switch utility is located on the furnace within a grey box. Check if this is turned on.
  5. Inspect the pilot light: Check if the pilot light is turned on. If it is switched of, relight it and observe its color. In ideal scenario, the flame should be bright and release light blue color. However, if you see a yellow flame, you need to call for heating repair service because the yellow flame suggests that the burners are dirty and require cleaning.
  6. Look out for flakes of rust: If you find the rust flakes fallen on the floor and around the furnace, you should call for heating repair service. This is a danger sign and it even interferes with the gas flow.
  7. Check fuse: If you see that the fuse switch is down, flip it and re-run the furnace.
  8. Clean air filters: The function of an air filter is to trap debris so that the motor can run efficiently without any obstruction posed by dust or dirt. If the filter is kept unclean, lesser amount of hot air will pass through and can even cause the furnace to shut down. So, check and clean the furnace filter fortnightly and keep the house warm in extreme cold conditions.