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5 Air Conditioning Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know 11/18/2015

Every homeowner should know that when you hire a professional team of HVAC contractors, you secure a seamless service experience and you will pay for successful Air Conditioner installation. But, when you do NOT hire the professional air conditioning services, you run the risk of paying more in your future repairs, city code violations and worthless warranties.

So, when the heat of the summer hits your home, you don’t want to worry about your air conditioning installation. If you want your unit to be installed quickly, appropriately and adhering to professional standards, keep in mind these 5 service tips –

Installation Day

This is probably the most important day in your new air conditioner’s life. The installation process lays the foundation for all future use. If that process is compromised in any way, your air conditioner will see a failure in the near future. So, you should ensure that you have a reliable HVAC team by your side so you will not face any difficulties down the road and your AC will live a long, healthy life.

Insured Contractor

Without a licensed contractor, you risk putting your air conditioning installation in the hands of not-so-professional servicemen. Once you’ve ensured that the HVAC contractors are licensed and insured, ask them for liability insurance.  Houk Air Conditioning has full liability insurance and has been a licensed HVAC contractor in Texas since 1962.

Permit Pulling

When your unit requires a great amount of time, your HVAC contractor will need a city permit notifying the city and alerting the local residents that the property will be undergoing a potentially dangerous service. Though this permit rules differ state-wise, but it is seen that many flout this rule after which you could end up paying heavily to your legal advisors. So, you must ensure that your contractor adheres to each rule.

Warranties That Protect Post-Service

Warranties act as protection to both the homeowner as well as the contractor. But, not all contractors offer comprehensive plans and majority of the companies slip through the cracks of the seasons. They design warranties in such a way that they reach expiration long before you even begin your system. If you want your provider to cover for an effective safety net, your warranty cover should be for a minimum of a year.

No Subcontractors Hired

Of course, you want to work with a company who uses their own employees instead of a sub-contractor. A reliable contractor will have his team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will be both background as well as drug tested before they step into your home.

Therefore, if you want your home AC installation process to be seamless, hire an experienced, trustworthy professional who will install the system correctly in the first instance.