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Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips – Keep Cool & Save Money! 9/18/2015

For the general upkeep of the air conditioning unit, the annual maintenance is quintessential. This will not just improve the comfort but will help you save money significantly. Regular maintenance will improve the efficiency of the system making it more durable and enhance longevity period. If you call the air conditioner service provider twice a year, you can cut down about 19% of the cooling costs.

Your air conditioning maintenance expert will help you with –

• Installing a programmable thermostat: The main work done by a thermostat is to determine the room temperature and compare it with the set point temperature. So, having a programmable thermostat installed can help you save up to 10% on cooling and heating costs each year. Next time, whenever you leave the house, try and get in to the habit of setting the thermostat to at least 80 degrees and you will see how much you can save on your electricity bill.

• Installing ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat: When the AC serviceman install a qualified ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat, you can save over $200 each year. Some programmable thermostats allow you to connect them to your computer for programming and almost all the models are user-friendly.

• Using ceiling fans: If you use ceiling fans, you can raise the thermostat up to 4 degrees without affecting your comfort.

• Ductwork: Seal, insulate or replace ductwork because majority of the air loss takes place through duct and can account up to 30% of the cooling system’s energy consumption.

Thus, you can save on your utility bill and reduce your air conditioning energy consumption by 20-50% only by switching to a high-efficiency air conditioning system.