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3 Reasons that Contribute to the Most Common AC Problems 9/17/2015

Want to keep your home cool in Dallas’ summer, but the following AC problems can prevent your system from keeping you cool in this heat. However, if you want your system to work efficiently, start getting familiar with the things that can make your unit faulty. Below find three reasons that are the main reasons behind your most common AC problem.

Buildup of Debris

Pet hairs, dust, pollen, dry leaves from pots and other debris quickly accumulates to such levels that can impair the constant flow of air passing through the air conditioning unit. As weak airflow is the root of several problems associated with your unit, you will experience a drop in cooling capacity. Gradually, you will have to pay higher utility bills.

Also, if situation get worse, i.e., if the area around the unit gets clogged up, it overheats and shut down preventing fire. So, to avoid this situation, keep the outdoor condenser unit, air filter and evaporator coil clean and free from debris.

Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioning unit are designed as such that uses a specific amount of refrigerant in the unit. If the quantity of the refrigerant increases or decreases in the unit, the performance gets impaired. As refrigerant is vital in the effective functioning of the unit, if it is incorrectly installed or is old and deteriorating, it can develop leaks which will not be a good sign for your unit. To scrap metal thieves, the copper refrigerant lines are quite valuable, they tamper with the unit by cutting out the lines and cause the unit to leak. If you experience a drop in the cooling capacity of the unit, contact your nearest Trane expert as soon as possible.

Impaired Drainage

It is the condensate drain of the unit that carries away the moisture and release it in atmosphere. However, if the drain stops working, water will back up in home. With the advancement in technology, there are many air conditioners that can sense if the water has backed up. If they find it, the unit gets automatically shut the whole system until the condensate is able to drain again. If the fault is not rectified, algae and sludge will form and block the passage completely. Thus, a preventive maintenance agreement will keep this issue in check.

Therefore, if you are facing issues with your home comfort equipment, call a reliable Trane air conditioner installation and repair expert in Dallas.