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Air Conditioner Tips to Beat the Heat 8/18/2015

Running your Air Conditioner in the extreme summer months is mandatory in our hot Texas weather. Very often it has been observed that a host of families install AC during the summer months so that their summers are spent with ease. However, in addition to run your AC, it’s also important to keep the running cost low and ensure proper maintenance from time-to-time so that the cost of operation can be regulated. Our list of do’s and don’ts will help maximize cooling in your home while minimizing your electricity bill and carbon footprint.

Minimize Heat Entering Your Home:  Put blinds and shades towards the window and at the area which is exposed towards sunlight. Draw curtains and put a shade on the top of your AC unit, this will also help in absorbing the heat and will cool your room early. It’s also advisable to plant trees around your house. When these trees mature, they can help achieve a cooling effect.

Use Fans for Ventilation: Another piece of advice is that you use ceiling fans that will help funnel warm air out of your room and brings down the temperature quickly. It helps in cooling the room effectively and early.

Get Your Air Conditioner Tuned Up: Another effective measure to ensure that your air conditioner is in good condition and running smoothly is to get it tuned regularly by calling professionals. A technician will help you make sure that all the parts inside the AC unit are free of blockage, there’s no leakage and have sufficient Freon. Get your AC maintenance done once a year at least and if there’s any major problem, it can also be detected at the earliest stages.

Dehumidify Efficiently:  Never run your air conditioner and dehumidifier at the same time as it consumes more energy and puts pressure on the AC unit. If you want to run both the appliances, then run it alternatively to achieve best results.

Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner Compressor: In case of an old air-conditioner, there are chances that the compressor is also outdated. In such cases it is advised to replace the old compressor with a new one so that it runs effectively and efficiently. In these cases, it will be more cost effective in the long run and save substantial amount of cost on electricity bills.

By following the above tips, this will help you slashing the expenditure on AC while installing and otherwise. Moreover, you will also drastically cut down on the amount of harmful emissions that your air conditioner is releasing into the atmosphere. However, if you still face any problem with your AC maintenance and require a professional help for air conditioner installation in Allen, call your nearest one today!