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Portable Air Conditioner Tips and Tricks 7/10/2015

A lot of individuals and households are skeptical before buying a portable air conditioner. The major concern while buying one is the maintenance and repair cost that is involved. It is extremely important to ensure a proper upkeep of the air-conditioner. Inability to maintain it appropriately can involve huge costs in air-conditioner repair in Frisco.

Here are four key tips on how you can best keep your portable AC to extract the most out of it with minimum maintenance and repair along with great cooling.

1. Close Off the Space

Portable air conditioners are used to cool an enclosed space. It’s important to close doors or openings which might lead to another room, and cooling will be impacted. Another way to bolster efficiency is to switch off other heat sources within the room like lights and electronic equipment.

2. Turn it on early

The second wise tip is to switch on your AC a few minutes before you actually need it. Turning on early in the day will calm down the temperature and cool the room early. Also it’s advisable to use a fan in conjunction with a portable air-conditioner. It helps in better circulation of the air, enables faster cooling and uses less electricity. This method will not put much pressure on it and help preventing your AC from consistent repair function.

3. Venting Options

Having a proper venting area is extremely important for utilizing optimum efficiency of a portable AC. There are two options available, through a sliding glass door or the ceiling. Venting through a glass door requires a large separate window / sliding door. The ceiling option is the most popular venting option for portable air conditioners used in offices. It’s quite simple to use and set up ceiling vent kits. Other options available are like venting through the floor, chimney, or a casement window are easy processes.

4. Use Filters.

Another way is to use a washable pre-filter, it’s one of the best ways to use a supplementary filter. Many commercial spaces use a carbon filter as an accessory, this helps in removing smoke and odors from the air and in addition to it boosts the efficiency of your unit.

Antimicrobial filters are yet another way of increasing your portable air conditioner’s efficiency and decreases maintenance needs and repair. It captures dust, lint, smoke, pollen, and mold spores from air and allows cool and clean air to flow and circulate within the sphere.