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Ways to Prevent Air Conditioning Problems 7/08/2015

If you want to prevent yourself from the hassle and expense of AC repair in Southlake, here are few simple tips can ensure smooth running of your AC and prevent unnecessary problems that occur in peak seasons.

1. Change the filter-It is advised that you change your filter regularly, at least once a month. This helps in preventing excess dirt that piles up inside the air conditioning system.

2. Cleaning Air vents- One should be aware that your air vents should be open and free from any obstruction in order to confirm proper airflow from the air-conditioning system.

3. Equipment should be free of dirt- It has been witnessed that the outside equipment of the AC is full of mud and bird droppings or bird nests. It’s very important to clear off all the debris on top and sides.

4. Pest control- Get rid of Ants and bugs that gets attracted to the electrical elements of the outdoor component of your a/c unit. These pests can actually cause the unit to malfunction or not even start. Spreading an environmentally safe pesticide around the base of the unit can help prevent insect infestations.

5. Run it for long cycles- Make sure that your AC run for longer cycles for maximum comfort and optimum cooling. This will also help in preventing any problem related to AC as long cycles help remove excess humidity from the air and provide a relaxed and soothing environment. Running the AC for a short duration will not properly remove moisture from the room and leave your home damp. It will additionally consume more energy incurring huge electricity bills.  A lot of people have learned the practice of adjusting the indoor air blower to provide maximum dehumidification and improve overall comfort.

6. Get a programmable thermostat- The EPA estimates that the appropriate use of a programmable thermostat can save as much as 15% on the air conditioning portion of your home’s energy costs.

7. Clogged Drain Line- Another important aspect is to keep the air-conditioner lines free from any type of clogging. Air conditioners pull moisture out of humid air resulting in lowering the temperature. Most often these drain lines which extract moisture out gets blocked with algae, dirt particles, etc leading to water damage in your home. This will lead you to incur extra cost on repairing your AC.