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10 Must-Known Tips for Your Air Conditioner 6/16/2015

This summer has witnessed some of the heat soaring times, electricity bills can actually exhaust your house budget in such temperature if not used in the right way. It’s important to keep in mind top ten ways to keep your air conditioner run resourcefully.

  1. The first and foremost way to efficiently cut down the electricity cost is by maintaining the temperature at 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t reduce the temperature of your thermostat it will only make your AC work longer. Additionally, keep the ceiling fan on while the AC is working. It will help ease out the temperature at much faster pace and keep the cooling for a long time.
  2. Change the air filter before you start operating the AC and also in every 3 months is important.  You can also easily clean the filter sheets on your own.
  3. While installation of the air-conditioner, always keep in mind the area where it is being installed. If it’s installed in a closed setting, maintenance of the AC becomes difficult.  Hence a proper space will enable you to easily get the servicing of the AC done.
  4. While renovating the house or office complex, it’s important that you protect your ducts. Close the temporary air filters with tape to prevent dust from getting into your ductwork. Dust matters will damage the winds and affect the efficacy of the AC.
  5. Cleaning the outside unit of the AC annually becomes a part of the process. Usually dirt and debris build up on the condenser, this blocks the airflow and makes your air conditioner work harder imposing pressure of the grid to consume more electricity.
  6. Monitor your ductwork from time-to-time for leaks. You wouldn’t want the cold air to leak out into your attic, so it’s advised to notice if there are any holes where air escapes.
  7. Insulate your ductwork with an insulation wrap that is backed with foil, not plastic, because plastic offers temporary arrangement and breaks down over with time.
  8. Outside unit of the Ac is usually stolen by thieves as the copper inside is valuable and can be sold as scrap metal. Keep your unit out of view, place hedges or a fence that will also provide shade for high efficiency.
  9. Changing the refrigerant of the air conditioner periodically and cleaning the condenser regularly will enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner.
  10. Keep a check on the air conditioner settings and make sure that the fresh air vent is closed. Fresh Air vent gets the air from outside into the room. Air conditioner works by cooling indoor air, opening the fresh air vent will get excess hot air from outside, inside the room making the condenser to work harder to normalize the temperature and cool it.
However, if any problem still persists, call your service provider for a new air conditioner installation.