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What Dirty & Clogged Air Filters Could Do To Your HVAC System? 5/06/2015

Almost all homeowners ignore the air filters not knowing what it can do to the air conditioning unit. Majority of the people do NOT realize the importance of air filters. It is a critical component of your HVAC unit and regular upkeep of the same will give you the utmost comfort and the benefits it has to offer. Though most of you know this fact that you should regularly need to clean or change air filters. But, majority of you are unaware as to what dangers the clogged air filters can pose. Below find the three detriments that your unit may face with a dirty filter.

1.       Decreased Air Quality

The primary purpose of the filter of an air conditioning unit is to collect and trap all the dust and debris that come into your home. The major sources of these contaminants are –

  • Open doors and windows
  • Foot traffic
  • Four-legged species that live in the house
  • The dirt and dust that comes along with pets apart from their routine shedding

All these and more of air-borne contaminants make the standard air filter clogged and dirty thereby decreasing the air quality in your home.

2.       Clogged Air Filter Increases Workload on the System

If the air filters of the cooling unit are dirty, it not only decreases the air quality in home but also impacts its normal functioning. It takes a lot of effort for the equipment to cool (or heat) your home efficiently. In many cases, if appropriate attention is not heeded to, the clogged air filters might lead to component fail and costly repairs. The air flow gets restricted and put additional strain on the air handler fan motor. This could even pose a threat to the motor and continuous functioning may lead to the burning of motor over time. Thus, with all these consequences, filter replacement is really a nominal price to pay with which you can reap long-term benefits and extend the life of your air-conditioning system.

3.       Dirty and Clogged Air Filters will End up In Spending More

So you thought that you’ll save money by not replacing the filters. But what you didn’t know that not replacing is not the solution in fact the problem – a major problem. The price of changing these air filters every two-three months is a very small price to pay when compared to the costly repairs of any component of the system or your entire HVAC unit. Changing the air filters regularly will keep it running smoothly and will cool your home using minimum amount of energy. So, if you are paying high utility bills, open the system and check for the clogged filters.

To keep running your air conditioning unit at its peak performance, get the air conditioner maintenance done. Call the nearest HVAC contractors in Coppell that’ll do the needful.