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Your Complete Guide to Furnace Maintenance Tips 3/19/2015

On come to think of it, what is the basic purpose of systematic furnace maintenance? The answer to this lies in its effective operation. When a heating system doesn’t work at its highest efficiency, you need to check the three components in a heating system namely –

  1. Heat source
  2. Thermostat
  3. Circulation system

If there is some issue in the heat source, your furnace will not run in the first place. Loss of power or fuel not reaching unit or failure of gas or oil to ignite could be the most plausible reasons for non-functioning of the heat source.

However, if the furnace does turn on but the warm air does not circulate in the entire room, there may be some difficulty in the blower.

In the third scenario, if there is some defect in the thermostat, it will stop the heating system from turning on.

Initial Steps in Furnace Service                         

Since you will use furnace in winter or late fall, your first and foremost step should be to keep the pilot light off during spring and summer months. During this downtime, you can call a licensed HVAC contractor for requisite furnace maintenance. This will keep your unit primed during the ‘peak’ season.

Precautions to Be Kept in Mind

Before initiating, ensure that the heating unit is receiving optimum power. For this, check for fuses and circuit breakers. A fuse might be blown and a circuit breaker might be tripped at the main panel.

Once you have checked its functioning ability, turn off the power before working on it. Remove the fuse (it regulates the furnace) which is located at the main electrical panel. If you see that the circuit trips repeatedly, while turning on the furnace, call a furnace repair specialist.

Make sure that you call only a licensed HVAC technician as he will be able to address any maintenance concerns or handle any repairs you may need. So, if you are unsure as to what to do and from where to start it all, have a professional do the dirty work on your behalf. Are you worried about the costs? Yes, it may cost you some but not the one that you may have to pay if you further complicates thing by trying the repairs yourself.