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HVAC Maintenance – How to Keep it Running at Peak Performance 3/19/2015

HVAC maintenance is an essential part as it accounts for at least half of energy you use in a year. That is why it becomes crucial to keep it running at peak performance because your negligence will leave you with a high energy bill and HVAC repair costs.

Does Maintenance Matter?

Something as little as cleaning filters can enhance the lifespan of your air-conditioning/heating unit and also improve its capability to function. There are certain tips whose main focus relies on regular upkeep of the unit. Read on to know more about it!

->  Tips for Energy Saving

  • Keep yourself abreast of the seasonal energy needs
  • You need to create a preventive maintenance schedule
  • Address your home’s overall energy efficiency

->  Ventilation Tips

  • Spot Ventilation
  • Whole House ventilation
  • Ventilation based on structure

-> Maintenance Tips

  • Your outdoor unit is as important as indoor. Do NOT neglect it!
  • Change the air filters regularly

-> Replacement Tips

  • Deciding upon the most crucial aspect of repair or replacement of the equipment
  • Use programmable and digital thermostats

->  Safety Tips

  • Prepare yourself for severe weather
  • Fix carbon monoxide detectors at appropriate locations

Minimizing Costs

Two most common things that you can do to cut down on your utility bills would be –

  • Reversal of fan direction in each season: In summers, the rotation of the fan should be counter-clockwise whereas it should be clockwise in winter. To find this switch, look at the fan base. Using it, you can easily change the direction of the blade.
  • Are you keeping the thermostat reading in check?: Many of you aren’t aware of this fact but yes, just a 5 degree change either way in your thermostat can make a big difference in the energy use.

Other Prominent Aspects to Consider

You should be using a dense filter at home if you have pets – Quite often, air filter replacements are neglected but they are necessary if you are willing to improve air intake.

You can read and apply several D-I-Y tips available on the web, still to ensure that your system run with highest efficiency, you need to take a professional guidance. A HVAC service will do what you cannot do on your own!