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Apply These Secret Techniques to Minimize the Cost of Air Conditioner Repair 2/27/2015 Modern technology provides uncountable comforts to an individual such as it keeps the home warm in winters and cool in summers. However, it is also true that the same individual also look for ways to minimize the air conditioner repair costs. Your air conditioner service thus, depends upon which type of unit you have and how much you are willing to spend on taking preventative measures. If you are seriously willing to cut down on AC repair costs, go through the following tips.
  • Routine Maintenance
Undoubtedly, routine maintenance of the air conditioning unit is important. There are certain things which you can do on your own instead of solely depending upon your HVAC contractor. Cleaning areas to which you have access to and changing filters will help you keep the air conditioner running smoothly.  
  • Buying a New Unit
As a known fact, old models are not so energy efficient and have the tendency to break down frequently. It is in your interest to buy a new star-rated energy efficient model that will not just cut down costs but will also reduce the amount of utility bills.  
  • Buy Extended Warranties
Warranty in a standard air conditioner is for less than ten years. Find a model with maximum warranty possible and if there comes an opportunity to buy extended warranties, do not miss it. The longer the warranty, the better it is.  
  • Call Out Professionals Regularly
If you do not want to get stuck in the middle of any peak season with a malfunctioned unit, call out professionals at regular intervals. An expert will do a thorough inspection of the unit and diagnose any technical glitch beforehand.  
  • Procuring Home Appliance Insurance
If you have home appliance insurance cover, you can minimize the air conditioner repair costs to a significant extent. It will cover not just your AC unit but even other electrical appliances like dishwasher, refrigerator, dryer and washer.   So you see in how many ways you can save your money on AC repair and maintenance. To use your unit in the best possible manner, read the user manual before operating it.