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Tips for Picking a Trane Air Conditioner – HOUKAC 2/24/2015

So who needs an air conditioner, anyway?  If you find yourself asking this question, you are probably reading this in winter.  Or, you are lucky to live in a moderate climate, and don’t need air conditioning to keep you comfortable in your home.  But for millions of Americans, especially we Texans, air conditioning, especially in the summer months, is a necessity.  And a Trane Air Conditioner will meet all of your cooling needs.

How can you pick the right Trane air conditioner to meet your needs?  First, consider the space you need to cool.  Trane makes a large variety of products, and you should do the bit of work needed to measure your home or office and choose a system which will meet your needs.  And by offering a wide variety of models, Trane air conditioners will save you money.  Not only will you be able to pick the perfect sized unit with the right price tag for your space, but by having the right options that won’t over-cool your area, you will land some huge savings on your energy bill as well.  Smaller electric bills in the summer means more money in your pocket.

When choosing the right Trane for you, think about what features you need besides world class cooling,  Trane has models with air cleaning capabilities, specially designed to improve your living climate.  Additionally, while any Trane unit that is optimized for the size of your space will be incredibly energy efficient, the company offers specially designed “ultra efficiency” models to meet all of the environmental concerns of even the most demanding customers.

And don’t forget, when you buy any Trane, you are buying a lasting, quality product.  The famous Houk Trane Comfort Specialist team will be standing by if your machine needs servicing.  This group of elite machinists and mechanics from Houk undergo extensive and specific training to prepare them to meet any Trane ac repair based emergency.  Your air conditioning unit will be purring and cooling for a good long while, as Trane is synonymous with quality, with the service department to prove it.

The bottom line?  If you need a cooling system that will last, meet all of your needs, and come with the savings and service team that you can expect with a world class product, consider a Trane air conditioning unit.  When you do, you have lots of options, so start with your area’s size and think about the features you need when picking your Trane air conditioner.