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How to Handle Every Trane Air Conditioner Maintenance with Ease 2/24/2015

Practically, you won’t be driving your car 100,000 miles without changing its oil. So, in the same breath, it is crucial that you take proper care of your Trane air conditioning unit. An AC unit from Trane could provide years of comfort to your home, lest it is properly maintained. However, Trane recommends that only Trane-certified technicians should provide service to their units. It also recommends pre-season maintenance and regular HVAC preventative maintenance to experience a smooth and trouble-free operation in peak seasons. So, as a homeowner, you should be aware of what to expect of any preventative maintenance program.


Scheduling a call with Houk, your Trane air conditioner specialist, is prudent! Don’t wait until a hot and humid day arrives. Instead, call for preventative maintenance checkup during spring itself. If your Trane provides heating for your home, schedule a second maintenance appointment during fall before the winter season commences.

Indoor Unit

For indoor unit, the air conditioner maintenance checklist should include inspection of furnace system as well. Since they are connected to the house’s furnace system. Houk will:

  • Clean the blower assembly and motor
  • Clear evaporator coil and drain lines
  • Check the electrical wiring including thermostat’s
  • Examine duct for any leaks
  • Replace the air-filter

Outdoor Compressor

The outdoor portion of the Trane air conditioner bears the brunt of changing seasons. Your service technician will –

  • Clean the unit by removing debris, leaves and other waste from inside and outside of air-conditioner’s cabinet
  • Ensure that air-conditioner has optimum level of refrigerant
  • Is refrigerant tube in perfect shape?
  • Inspect the outdoor motor for worn out parts and make replacements, if any
  • Lubricate the unit’s moving parts if the AC unit is old
  • Carefully inspect all electrical connections

Final Check - The Operation

Though Houk may have conducted the maintenance, it is essential on your part to check the unit while it’s operational. Turn the switch on and observe for –

  • Any unusual noises
  • Any unusual smell
  • Is the air moving evenly throughout the space

Having a professional like Houk look after your unit periodically will ensure that the air conditioning unit will be able to keep your house in comfort in changing seasons.

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