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If Only Were You Aware Of the HVAC Terminology – You would’ve Kept Yourselves out of Trouble during Exigencies 1/23/2015

So sad it is to hear that your past experience with a HVAC Contractor went terrible. He wouldn’t be able to trick you with his innocent fable like stories only if you knew the HVAC terminology. They being the HVAC expert tell us so many things but owing to our lack of knowledge, we fail to get an idea. But, now you won’t as this guide will acquaint you with the most popular terms which will help you in deciphering the real problem. Scroll down to learn more –

HVAC: It is abbreviated form for Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. It is a unit used in a home to heat and cool the inside.

Evaporative Cooler: It is that part of the air conditioner/heat pump which absorbs heat. In a heat pump, the heat is absorbed which helps in heating home whereas in an air conditioner, the heat is pushed outside.

British Thermal Unit: In scientific terms, one BTU is required to raise one pound of water one degree. So, when a heating unit has a high BTU, it means it has high heating capacity.

Compressor: This is that part of HVAC unit which pumps refrigerant such that cooling requirements can be effectively met and maintained.

Evaporator: In an air conditioning unit, evaporator captures heat and removes it from that particular part of the unit which needs to be cooled down. Thus, it is most often located above or below the furnace.

Condenser: Condenser is mostly located outside the heating/cooling unit as its main purpose is to get rid of the heat.

Geothermal Heat Pump: It is a type of central heating and cooling unit which absorbs heat from the ground and uses it to heat a home. Thus, this can be a very efficient way of heating a home.

Furnace: You can buy furnace for homes either as single unit or combine with an air conditioning unit. On combination it is generally referred to as central heating and cooling unit. Its main function is to put out heat.

Ductwork: Ductwork enables air flow through it. This helps in redistributing hot/cold air in the entire area.

Carbon Monoxide: When carbon burns in a home in the absence or less amount of air (oxygen), this poisonous and odorless gas is released.

Latent Heat: This is the heat required to transform a liquid into water vapor or vice versa without changing the actual temperature.

Refrigerant: It is basically a chemical liquid which is used in cooling units. This chemical gives off a cooling effect and is popularly known as Freon.

Sensible Heat: The heat which you are able to feel is sensible heat. It is that heat wherein when the temperature rises, the substance is heated.

Static Pressure: The static pressure is used to measure the airflow when duct system is undersized. It is the amount of pressure which is exerted on the duct system.

Ventilator: It is that part of the HVAC system which helps in ventilating home.

Split System: This particular type of HVAC unit have components located both inside and outside of home.

Zoning: Zoning is done to provide enhanced heating and cooling. As the name itself suggests, zoning means setting up different rooms as per different comfort zones. This way it gets translated into optimal comfort and efficiency.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) Rating: MERV ratings are done for filters which suggests how big the holes are present in the filters of an air conditioning unit. A higher MERV rating means smaller holes which gives higher efficiency.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) Rating: Each air conditioning unit and heat pumping unit receives SEER rating ranging from 13 to 20. The higher the rating, more energy efficient your HVAC unit will be.

So, next time whenever you call the HVAC expert be it for any reason –

  • Air conditioner repair
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Air conditioner service
  • Air conditioner maintenance

You will surely have a comprehensive idea and knowledge about what the ‘expert’ wants to convey. Hence, you will get saved from being duped.

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