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How Your Air Conditioner Actually Works? Did You Know? 1/21/2015

The main purpose of an air conditioning unit or AC is to de-humidify and provide comfort to people by extracting heat from a particular area. They provide respite from scorching heat in summer months wherever you are.  Did you ever try to find out how this wonder appliance works? What is the technique used and what are the parts inside it that gives a cooling and a soothing effect?


Before discussing its parts, it is necessary that you understand what is a refrigerant? It is this refrigerant which is the cornerstone in working of an AC. It gives a cooling effect to the person when circled around in the coils of the air-conditioning unit. Thus, refrigerant is a specific chemical which is used in the compressor. It gets easily liquefied from gas and a little amount of lubrication oil is mixed with refrigerant. The most commonly used refrigerant is Freon. And now, let’s discuss its’ components –

-> Compressor: It is the heaviest of all parts and is located at the bottom of the unit. It is made so powerful such that it can withstand highest pressure with increase in temperature. An air conditioning unit starts working as soon as the refrigerant enters the compressor through valves.

-> Condenser: The heated refrigerant which is in the gaseous state is then pumped by the compressor to series of condensing coils. As it reaches the coils, they absorb heat and gas cools down to become liquid. The heat absorbed from the gas is released outside the room through evaporator coils which are placed on other side of the unit.

->  Metering Devices: In the condenser, the refrigerant is changed to liquid and is pumped out to reach metering devices. Here, the amount of liquid which is allowed to pass through depends on the ability of the unit. Thus, metering devices of today are used to calculate the volume of the liquid which should be released efficiently.

-> Evaporating Coils: When the pressure of the liquid drops, it enters evaporating coil. The heat which is released from refrigerant (gaseous state) are absorbed by evaporating coils. The difference in temperature between air and refrigerant converts the liquid refrigerant into water vapor. The remaining refrigerant is pumped back into the compressor to initiate the entire system again. That’s how the circle gets completed.

-> Thermostat: It is a sensory device which registers a particular temperature and it shuts the compressor when it is reached. As the temperature starts rising, it kick starts the compressor again and initiate the heat absorbing method.

As you can see, air-conditioning unit is a very complex apparatus. If it is properly installed and maintained, it will surely have a long life. So, if you are looking for any of the following services –

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