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4 Untold Heating & Air-conditioning Facts Your HVAC Contractor Wouldn’t Tell You- 12/05/2014

Do you know that your heating and air-conditioning appliance will run efficiently only when the evaporator coil, condenser, furnace and line set are properly sized, matched and installed correctly. Look at any heating and air-conditioning unit and you will find that it is structured in a very complex manner. The engineering of each unit is specifically done that it can operate only on certain pre-defined parameters. NO more, NO less! Run down this guide which is written to acquaint you with some interesting facts that even the expert provider of heating services in Dallas or a specialist of heating repair in Dallas won’t tell you. They are –

1.       Air Flow across the Evaporator Coil: If the air flow across the evaporator coil is too high, the air around you will make you feel uncomfortable. Owing to this problem, the system will be unable to remove excess humidity from the room.

But, if the air flow across the evaporator coil is too low, the unit will ice up instantly. In consequence, your compressor will fail and valves will wear out too quickly. In both the scenarios, the unit will consume more electricity and will run for shorter cycles and increase wear and tear cost.

 2.     A Dirty System Means That Keep Your Dollars Ready For Maintenance: If you haven’t thought about your equipment’s regular upkeep, you need to give it a second thought. Yes! You have created problems for yourself by not calling a specialist of heating service in Dallas. On the evaporator coil, dust, grease, pet fur, dry leaves, shrubs etc. may get accumulated whereas the condenser gets oxidized. Both these situation will cost you dearer. Get ready to pay on high utility bills and on extra repair and maintenance costs. So, don’t wait for such a day to arrive! Call your outstanding service provider of heating maintenance in Dallas.

 3.     The Line Set: If the line set of your equipment is too small, it could reduce your unit’s energy efficiency rating by 2 seer points. This will ultimately culminate into higher energy bills. However, if the line set is too big, you do not need to worry because then the compressor will be spared some work. It is said that the higher the AC’s efficiency rating, larger (diameter) line set is required.

4.     Common HVAC Problems: Generally, leaky ducts, low air flow, Freon overcharge and undercharge are the problems reported by the contractors. So, it is better that you at least get a yearly maintenance of your equipment, otherwise the problem will accentuate.