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HOUK Air Conditioning – clean and professional installation 6/20/2014
The following items were performed cleanly and professionally to install two units:
the use of mastic, increasing one unit from 2 1/2 ton to 3 ton, running new thermostat wiring (& moving it out of the way in the attic - homebuilder's original wire was too short and was in the walking path to the unit), adding a return air vent and increasing the duct in a bedroom (which had problems - too hot in summer/too cold in winter), increasing the return air duct size on one unit, installing the unit in the attic a few feet over from the previous unit which increased attic storage space, air ducts and return ducts in the attic were located as out-of-the-way as possible and replacing ductboard boxes with "Y" in ducts. All of the installers from Houk were fast, polite and did their job professionally. No part of the home was damaged from the two units being installed. The outdoor and indoor units are much quieter than previous 16 year old units. The inside temperature has been consistent with the thermostat in every room.
Kay R
Flower Mound, TX