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Furnace Repairs 11/19/2013

Furnace Repairs - HOUK Air Conditioning, Inc.

Furnace Repairs Are Available from Our Experienced Technicians

At HOUK Air Conditioning, Inc., we understand that when you need furnace repairs, you need them done quickly and correctly. That's why we make sure to pay close attention to the details from the moment you contact our office for help. When you schedule a free comfort analysis with our team, you can look forward to getting great customer service with our more than 50 years of experience. You'll soon see the reason that we have been named a TOP TEN North Texas Trane Dealer for several years.

If your furnace is emitting odd noises or odors, we urge you to let us know as soon as possible. Of course, we also encourage you to contact us if your furnace is not heating the home at all. No matter what the issue is, coming to us for furnace repairs right away can help avoid the inconvenience of being without a working heating system in your home. We truly care about our customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so we are eager to offer high quality services as soon as possible.

We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to make everything from minor to major furnace repairs. We can even replace your heating system if it turns out that your current unit is beyond repair. Regardless of the outcome, you can expect our staff to be polite and professional from start to finish. You deserve to know what is going on with your furnace, so we would be happy to explain the repair process and answer any questions you have as we perform the work. In addition, we can help you decide if you should repair or replace your furnace, at which point we will offer you a price quote for a new system if necessary.

No matter the nature of your furnace repairs, you can count on our team to live up to your expectations during the repair process. Our warranties are known for being excellent, and we make sure to do more than simply adhere to the manufacturers’ recommendations and code requirements. In fact, we go above and beyond for our customers on a regular basis, which is why we feel confident you will be happy you hired HOUK Air Conditioning, Inc. for your furnace repairs!

Whether you need a minor part replaced or end up needing a complete overhaul of your home's heating system, you have come to the right business for help. Our technicians have decades of experience and always offer a friendly, professional attitude to customers in the cities we service. If you suspect you need repairs for your furnace, please call HOUK Air Conditioning, Inc. at 972-991-4685 or  817-265-1191. We look forward to discussing your residential heating unit problems with you!