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Air Conditioner Service -DFW -Arlington -North TX 11/14/2013

Air Conditioner Service

The air conditioner service that increases the life of your AC…

Houk Air Conditioning, INC. strives to be the one stop solution for all your AC requirements, Houk not only provides you an AC to suit your needs but also comes with a promise to help you maintain them.

With over 50 years of experience in dealing with quality AC, Houk Air Conditioning, INC. endeavors to protect your investment by ensuring great care through our professional air conditioner service. Our team of skilled employees comprises the expertise to inspect and maintain your AC at home or at your office. Houk understands the importance of your time and comfort. This enables us to maintain the highest standard of quality of AC delivered to you, all year round.

At Houk, we are updated with the latest technical know-how to diagnose and help you with any problem with your heating or cooling systems. We also advise you on estimates for replacements, absolutely FREE. Our ACs are high energy savers and a regular maintenance service keeps them the way you intend to keep them.

For Houk Air Conditioning, INC., it is very important that you are absolutely satisfied with your AC with regards to all parameters of quality. Be it your business hours or the hours at home, Houk wants you to spend them in the comfort of the cool breeze or the warm comfort, of the system provided by us. We also make sure that our representatives come at a time most suited to you.

Some of the features of our air conditioner service are listed below:

  • HOUK Maintenance Programs (HMP), a preventive maintenance program
  • A team of skilled and friendly professionals at your command
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Top HCAC Dealer Awards
  • Proven Reliability

Discover the HOUK Difference – Enhance the Comfort of your home, and Reduce Energy Costs.  Contact us to schedule your FREE In-Home Comfort Analysis.