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Elements to Include in an Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist 7/18/2013

In hot, humid climates like those in Plano, air conditioning units are a necessity for comfort. People rarely think about their AC units until there is a malfunction. However, proper and regular maintenance of your AC unit can help avoid one of the most expensive investments in your office or home in Plano. In addition, it can pay you high dividends in enhanced system performance and low energy costs. Also, it helps you avoid system failure in severely hot weather when you need it most, and extends the life your system significantly.

However, what can be done as part of an effective maintenance program for your air conditioning units in Plano? Here is a quick checklist for your reference, detailing the work to be performed by the AC servicing and maintenance company in Plano during the maintenance session.

  • Cleaning of the Condenser Coils: The condenser coil of the AC unit must be kept clean and free of debris all the time. This is because when the condenser coil gets clogged with dirt the hot gas in the condenser coil does not cool enough to change the hot gas back to a liquid form. When this happens, the cooling process of the unit stops.
  • Checking of the Refrigerant Charge: A low or high refrigerant charge can easily go unnoticed, thereby, making the compressor work too hard, and increasing the operating costs as high as up to 30%.
  • Checking the Thermostat Settings: Checking thermostat settings is important so as to ensure that your system keeps you cool and comfortable when you are at home and saves energy while you are away.
  • Inspection of the Drain Pan: Clearing the drain of any obstruction is necessary so as to make sure that moisture does not get collected in the AC system.
  • Inspection of All electrical Connections: Inspecting the electrical connections and measuring the voltage and current on motors is essential as broken electrical connections can lead to unsafe working of your unit and reduce the life of major components of your unit.
  • Checking the Leakage in the Duct: Air leakage in the duct is the major reason for the malfunctioning of an AC unit. The technicians properly inspect and seal or insulate the ductwork in the problem areas to eliminate any kind of noise and inefficiency.
  • Checking the Outdoor Blower: The drive belt of older blowers need to be inspected thoroughly and may even need to be replaced in case of any wear and tear.
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