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Plano Air Conditioning Repair Service Installation Trane Dealer 3/13/2013

Trane is the most trusted name in heating and air conditioning units. When seeking products and services for their Trane air conditioning Plano TX residents know who to call. Houk Air Conditioning, Inc. is recognized for 50 years of excellence in air conditioning and heating services for Plano and the surrounding area.

Our company is authorized to sell and service Trane air conditioning to Plano TX residents. Houk AC provides maintenance service plans that extend the life of your Trane air conditioning and heating systems. When our technicians are called on for repairs or service, they will inspect each component within your unit to ensure it is at optimal working capacity. With their level of expertise in these systems, our technicians will be able to locate areas that may be worn out or not operating at their peak, resulting in higher energy expenses and threatening the owner with emergency services. Air conditioning and heating repair services in Plano TX homes and businesses will be completed immediately to help prevent expensive repair needs from arising in the future. Proper maintenance can also prevent harmful fumes from entering the interior of the building structure causing problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning from occurring.

No matter the service Houk Air Conditioning is providing, we take our work very seriously. Safety is not something we are ever willing to compromise. When you call on Houk AC for air conditioning service repairs or heating installation in Plano TX you can count on us to do a premium job every time. We provide every one of our Plano air conditioning and heating service customers with honesty, integrity and affordable prices. Let us do the same for you!

Common Air Conditioning Problems and Repairs

Usually, many of us know how to do minor fixes on our home appliances in case of breakdown.  This may come as a surprise, but an air-conditioner is no exception to this. You can easily learn simple tips and tricks that can be applied on an AC whenever you face minor glitches in its operation.   For ease of understanding, let's first state some of the common problems that arise while operating air conditioners.

  1. AC unit becomes dysfunctional- In this case, the appliance will not turn on. Whenever you witness such a problem, quickly check the thermostat settings. Check the settings and see if it is set in Cool mode and not turned off or in Heating mode. The temperature should be maintained below room temperature. You must also look if the problem is occurring due to fuse fallout or circuit breaker. Go and check the latter that handles the condensing unit and compressor of the AC, you will have to ensure that this is turned on. If you find that the fuse is blown out, then immediately replace it. In case you are still unable to find the error and are tired of applying trial and error methods or done with conventional steps of AC repair and maintenance, then call an expert and tell him the problem in detail. You might find some discrepancies in your cooling vents, filters, or ducts, in such a scenario you need to look into all of these and try to clean them so that the airflow is not blocked, ducts and air filters are clean, and produce a free flow of air.
  2. Sometimes, we unknowingly tend to choose an air-conditioning unit that is oversized for our house and the system does not dehumidify in a proper manner. In such a case, your unit is bound to get turned on and off many times than usual. You need to mend this problem by replacing the condensing unit.

    If these tips cannot provide much respite to your AC repair woes, then it's time you call a professional HVAC service provider who will manage your AC maintenance needs in Plano. These service providers can resolve even the most complex of situations within minutes.

Plano TX Air Conditioning Service

Air-conditioning maintenance is not also a very difficult task as many think so. An air-conditioner is like any other human body which needs regular check-ups and maintenance and if the same is taken care of from time to time then users will face the least chance of fallout and your system will work efficiently for long hours.

1. Replace Filters:

One of the most basic steps in AC maintenance is to clean filters regularly, excess dirt and grease that stick on the filters can be removed easily by cleaning the same in detergent. These dirty filters obstruct the free flow of air and put pressure on the grid allowing it to consume excess energy than usual. One should even replace it once in six months to ensure the best results.

2. Clean coils from time-to-time

Many times you must have observed that the outdoor condenser coil often catches the dirt and needs to be cleaned. In case you have equipped yourself then you should carefully clean the condenser coil and fan blades or else you can also call an HVAC expert who will do a good job of cleaning your AC unit. Extra attention is needed while cleaning the coil and fan blades as they are fragile and can easily bend and break.

3. Examine Your Ducts

Like your window AC unit needs cleaning and maintenance, similarly, a central grid of your air conditioning system needs maintenance and requires cleaning of the ducts. This task requires an air-conditioning expert in Plano. He will closely look into this and make sure that your duct connections are clean and connected.

4. Check for Leaks-

It is imperative to check that there are no leaks within the cooling area, if there are any then it will affect cooling, put more pressure on the AC unit and affect your AC grid. This will result in an increase in your AC bills and also result in higher maintenance of your AC grid. An expert from Plano will be able to solve all your air-conditioning woes.

5. Check the refrigerant charge-

As you must be aware that the fluid in your air conditioner keeps on circulating, it is a special refrigerant gas that is added to the system before it is installed. If you charge the system with excess refrigerant or put less refrigerant, then also it affects the performance of the AC unit. In such a scenario, it's best to call an expert from Plano Tx to check the quantity of the fluid and adjust it appropriately.

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