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Allen Air Conditioning Repair Service Installation Trane Dealer 3/12/2013

Houk Air Conditioning, Inc. is an Allen air conditioning repair service providing quality work for North Texas with comfort and peace of mind since 1962. We offer air conditioning installation in Allen TX, as well as maintenance of residential and light commercial Trane air conditioning and heating systems.

Houk is licensed by local municipalities, the State of Texas and the Railroad Commission of Texas for all air conditioning repair, service and installation needs. We are proud to be an Allen Trane dealer serving all of DFW. Houk offers our Allen customers a complete selection of Trane air conditioning products including condensers, air handlers, filtration systems and thermostats. With our Allen air conditioning repair services, we provide 24-hour air conditioning repair service and custom home installation, quality air control, free replacement estimates, custom load calculations and much more.

If you are finding yourself in a position to decide if Allen air conditioning repair services will be enough to get your system operating at your comfort level, it may be time to explore replacement. Before you make that decision uninformed, allow Houk AC to meet you at your home, at no cost, for a Comfort Analysis.  It is important to be informed and consider the facts. Analyze the repair costs, the last 18 months of repair history, current energy costs, safety, and the current comfort your air conditioning system provides. All of these things need to be taken into consideration. Then, consider the age of the system. Systems over 10 years old typically waste 10-20% of your energy dollars when compared to today’s modern high-efficiency systems. If it’s over 20 years old, the savings of replacement are up to 55% more. Call us today. Our Allen air conditioner technicians are second to none for quality repair, service and installation. We can help you come to a great decision that will save you time, discomfort and money!

Trane air conditioning products have always been known for their reliability and long life, but now there is more. Technological advancements have made Trane air conditioning systems some of the most energy-efficient and noiseless-on the market! If you're looking for Allen air conditioning repair services, or Allen air conditioning installation, give Houk AC a chance to earn your business and help you save in more than one way. We are the air conditioning service in Allen TX to call!

7 Signs You Need To Get an Air Conditioning Repair:

Living in Texas during the summer season is quite torture. The air conditioners act like knights in shining armor. But, sometimes they too give up. This is the time to call the professionals for AC repair Allen.

But, how do you know that the time has finally come for an expert intervention? We tell you the 7 red alerts that will tell you when to rope in the best professionals for AC repair Allen.

  1. Hot air instead of cool air
When your AC starts to throw hot air instead of cool air, it is time to call for help. It is the first symptom that occurs when there is any problem with the air conditioner system. This issue arises when the compressor of the AC goes off. In this condition, the AC does not give out cool air even when the temperature is the lowest.
  1. Less Air Flow
When the compressor of the AC fails, airflow drops down. An insufficient airflow occurs in the condition of duct blockage. Over time, debris begins to accumulate in the AC vents. This restricts the normal air circulation into the room. You must timely clean the AC vents to establish proper airflow. Improper airflow could also be due to broken motors. For serious issues, you would need to call a technician for AC repair.
  1. Water Leaks
Pooling of water or leak around the air conditioner system is a red alert. The AC cools the rooms with the help of refrigerant which lead to condensation as it operates. But, when the liquids leak, you must rope in an expert.
  1. Humidity
The spring and summer seasons tend to get very humid. Generally, the air conditioner systems automatically moderate the humidity levels inside the room. But, when they fail to manage the humidity, it is a sign that you need AC repair Allen.
  1. Problems with Thermostat
The thermostat can also cause cooling issues in the air conditioner system. You can determine the issue with the thermostat by checking the cooling in different areas of your house. If one part of your house is hotter than the other parts, there is surely an issue with the thermostat.
  1. Bad Smell coming out of the AC
A foul smell coming out of your air conditioner system hints toward grave issues. The smell could be due to of the machine’s wire insulation. Molds in the duct also produce a foul smell.
  1. Loud Sounds
If your air conditioner is making weird loud sounds, it is a red alert. You must counter the problem soon as delay can cost you big bucks. The loud noises could be due to dislodgement of the belt or friction in the metal component. If your AC is making a lot of grinding sound, it could be due to broken ball bearings. In the presence of any of these issues, you can call the experts for AC repair but if your AC receives regular maintenance, you might never encounter any issue with it.